Walk to the top of Malabar Hill and Mount Eliza where you’ll be entertained by playful Red Tailed Tropic birds and a variety of terns and view the awesome view of Mounts Lidgebird and Gower.

Relax, swim, sun bake, BBQ, kayak and snorkel at the pristine Lagoon, located on the western side of Lord Howe, is this lovely coral reef. Glass bottom boat, Turtle and snorkeling tours are available from here.

Stroll through native Kentia palm and Banyan forests or over white sandy beaches. Cycle anywhere the roads take you.

  • snorkeling
  • scuba diving
  • reef-walking
  • beachcombing
  • hand feed fish
  • tennis, golf, bowling
  • board & body surfing
  • dining
  • nature tours
  • around Island tours
  • turtle tours
  • canoeing & kayaking
  • yachting, boating
  • walking, cycling
  • bird watching
  • wind and body
  • surfing
  • climbing, trekking
  • fishing
  • swimming
  • picnic and BBQ
  • bus tour
  • reef walk

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